GTA VI may be in development as hinted in Rockstar’s recent development blog

The failure of GTA Definitive Edition might have motivated them, along with the fact that GTA V’s release is overdone

After years and years of wait, after several clickbait videos that appeared on YouTube, and after the overdone release of GTA V, Rockstar may have finally confirmed the development of GTA VI for real this time. It’s long overdue. DO NOT MESS THIS UP.

This was first confirmed on Rockstar’s Social Media like Twitter and Facebook. The game has been in active development since 2020 and may be released in 2024 or 2025, hence the reason why Rockstar kept releasing remakes, other games, or GTA V constantly. That may be the way to not let the flame die out from lacking in content.

In terms of game content, Rockstar has not announced anything yet, and they did not say when will they say more. Just so you know that patience is key to perfection, or we might end up getting another Cyberpunk 2077.

The game’s setting might take you back to Vice City, just as GTA IV is set in Liberty City and V at Los Santos. Appropriate too since we can call GTA VI as “GTA VIce City”. The company patented a new NPC navigation technology which helps improve the game’s NPC AI and behave more realistically. It might be used for GTA VI.

Stay tuned for updates. We are really hoping Rockstar does not mess it up.

Source: IGN, Rockstar Games