One Tablet, One Student bill is proposed by the Senate

This gives elementary, secondary, and even college students one tablet for use in their studies and classes.

Lenovo Tab P11 Plus, an example of an Android tablet.

As online classes become the norm, more and more parents and students demand anything to use for their online classes, be it a phone, tablet, or laptop. The most practical option currently is by using an Android tablet (but the tablets LGUs usually give are of poor quality, some even break within a day, and they can’t even start Android without massive lag, add that to the Cherry on top).

Senator Nancy Binay has proposed Senate Bill No. 2454 aka the “One Tablet, One Student Act” to provide each elementary and secondary student as well as currently-enrolled college students a tablet computer to “enable them to efficiently participate in online learning”

We just hope that the tablets they give are not the disposable kinds, especially at the higher levels. As lessons become more advanced, so does the tech the students require. If a tablet couldn’t run a simple PowerPoint presentation smoothly, then the government had just wasted resources. They need to know their audience well in order for these tablets to be actually useful. We just hope they don’t give them specs straight out of 2010. It’s nearly 2022, 512MB and 1GB RAM won’t cut it anymore.

For those who already have their own tablet, students shall be compensated via internet allowance that covers their expenses for connectivity. Data isn’t cheap and being compensated for such is just the right move.

Both DepED and CHED would be given a task to implement the One Student, One Tablet program if this bill ever becomes a law. In turn, students would also be given guidelines for the usage, care, and maintenance of said tablets, and distributors would be given guidelines on how to distribute the tablets evenly, based on students’ needs.

Source: GMA News