LG is closing its developer website. Users have until the end of December to unlock the bootloader of their LG device

Better hurry and get the code

LG Wing, one of LG’s last bastions of phones released

Life isn’t always good, and that’s the case for LG’s phones. They announced their closure last July and it seems to be true. Now, the company has released a statement saying that they will be closing down their developer website. Users who wanted to root and apply a custom ROM for their phones have until 31st December to unlock the bootloader.

LG made the difficult decision to close its mobile phone business to focus on other businesses that will provide new experiences and value for consumers. Hereby, we inform you that the service of LG Mobile Developer is scheduled to terminate on December 31st, 2021.

Unlocking the bootloader is important for custom ROM makers as it allows their phone to be relevant for longer, as this allows phones that are otherwise not updatable to the latest Android version to be updated. And as mentioned, allows for the sideloading of custom ROMs.

“After the service is terminated, all information provided on the website and issuing the bootloader unlock key will not be available. Personal information collected to provide services will be destroyed. However, we store personal information for a fixed period of time if required by relevant laws and regulations.

If you want your LG phone to last just a little longer, now is the perfect and only time.

Source: LG