Hate camera bumps? Oppo presented a solution: RETRACTABLE CAMERAS!

Presented ahead of INNO Day 2021

Oppo has shown a feature that was only available to actual cameras ahead of the company’s own INNO Day 2021 event in China which is held next week. That event is where the Chinese maker will show off some of its most innovative concepts and one of them is the retractable camera.

This retractable camera was taken from the good ol’ pop-up camera that was prevalent back in 2019 and early 2020. The company shared a video showing off this retractable camera and how it works even when it’s wet. This allows the lens to move in and out when needed thus lowering the camera bump of the phone when sat on a table.

In addition to the water resistance, the camera appears to have a fall detection mechanism that allows it to close before it hits the ground, protecting the camera module when it’s active.

Finally, the teaser revealed the specs of this retractable camera. It has a sensor size of 1/1.58 inches with a focal length of 50mm, and an aperture of f/2.4.

The INNO Day event would take place on 14th December 2021 and we can’t wait to learn more about it.

Oh, one more thing, Xiaomi has also developed a similar quirk, but for the telephoto lens. Their design is circular and can extend in and out when needed.

Source: XDA Developers, Oppo