Facebook adds a new cute feature for COVID-19 facts

Facebook is riddled with misinformation, and they are trying to combat it.

If any article mentions COVID-19, this little feature would pop up.

Facebook is a haven for all sorts of things. From memes to posts from friends and family members as well as articles coming from different news sites. Of course, as a free website, it can get a little hazy and can be filled with misinformation, especially about COVID-19, the causes, alternative cures, and the vaccines.

Facebook has silently added a new little feature that helps combat fake news and misinformation. It’s an attachment that shows you facts about COVID-19 using the most reliable sources, most notably, the World Health Organization (WHO).

According to GizGuide, they have noticed this new feature pop up when working on their articles. Because this very article talks about the pandemic and COVID-19, we might get the same results and we can’t wait to test it.

This button would show you all sorts of information, including symptoms, vaccines, possible home remedies, etc. During the start of the pandemic, Facebook has rolled out the COVID-19 Information Center to help combat fake news. An AI algorithm would detect keywords related to the pandemic (e.g. COVID-19, Pandemic, Vaccines, etc.), and then it would tell the user that the article mentions COVID-19, regardless if it’s about the virus/pandemic or not.

There’s also a tiny link on the top right of the button called “More Info” that would redirect the user to the COVID-19 Information Center. This section shows every reliable fact and info about the pandemic and COVID-19 in general.

Once we publish this article on Facebook, see if this popup opened for you. If it does, then any article mentioning the pandemic would also trigger the popup, regardless if it directly talks about COVID-19 or not.

Source: GizGuide