Xiaomi announces the Loop LiquidCool that cools your phone better than VC Liquid Cooling!

Better than Liquid Cooling you say? A similar process to VC Cooling but with an added twist (no pun intended).

In a recent blog post, the company announced their new improvement over the regular VC Cooling that most flagship killer and gaming phones have called Loop LiquidCool. Phones nowadays are more than capable of handling even heavier tasks, some are even catching up to computers in terms of performance and rendering. Of course, the heavier the activity, the more pressure on the internals and so companies need to find a way to lower the heat through a process called “heat dissipation”.

Loop LiquidCool Process

The new Loop LiquidCool technology is inspired by the same cooling solutions that aeronauts use. This new cooling system features an evaporator, a condenser, a refill chamber, and gas and liquid pipes. In a way, this works similar to an air conditioner where gas and airflow are diffused into the condenser and then this diffused gas is once again condensed into a liquid, hence the “loop” name. This liquid is absorbed into tiny fibers that go to the refill chamber, and this refill chamber refills the evaporator, maintaining its use and increasing the longevity of the cooling system.

While this method is similar to how typical VC Cooling systems do it, the major difference is that this new cooling system separates the gases and the liquids. By separating the gas and the liquid, Xiaomi said that airflow resistance is reduced to 30% while heat transfer capacity is increased to 100%. Xiaomi also included a Tesla valve, to ensure a one-way high-efficiency circulation.

This new cooling system was tested on a modified Mix 4. They did a gameplay test on Genshin Impact while running the game at 60fps max. This resulted in the device staying cool, reaching a maximum temperature of 47.7°C. Compared to the original VC cooling system, this temperature is 8.6°C lower.

Source: Xiaomi Blog