Samsung Galaxy Unpacked isn’t done just yet! Part two is coming on 20th October

Remember the last Galaxy Unpacked event? That event launched multiple new products including the new Fold and the new Z Flip. So what’s there more to show? The new Galaxy Notes are not coming this year so this is definitely crossed out. Samsung has also unveiled their new ultraslim notebooks as well.

In their website, you can actually download a small animatic, with differing resolutions depending on which device you’re watching the animatic from. It shows and reveals almost nothing, apart from a rapid movement of icons which awfully look familiar to OneUI. This might mean that the next part will mostly cover OneUI as well as Samsung’s plans for Android 12, specifically, the stable version of it. There are also rumors suggesting that the new event may include minor parts for Samsung’s foldables, including new colour schemes and/or small updates.

The Galaxy Unpacked event will happen 10PM Philippine Standard Time on 20th October. The event would be livestreamed over at Samsung’s YouTube and website. Be sure not to miss it!

Source: Samsung