Sony and Meizu: a crossover nobody asked for

Weak together strong

When a dying company partners with another dying company, that’s something to not expect. However, weak things combining forces together make a single strong company.

In China, Meizu’s FlymeOS would be available on Sony’s Xperia One Mk. III. Right now however, we don’t have details regarding international availability and this partnership may remain China-only.

The partnership is part of Sony’s strategic plan to offer better localized services. To think that the two are rivals is surprising already, but hey, if you can’t beat them, join them.

Sony will pre-install FlymeOS onto the Sony Xperia 1 Mk. III as well as possible future devices via an OTA update and these Xperia phones would be able to download apps exclusively to the Flyme App Store and gain access to Meizu’s other services such as news, email and weather.

Both companies are not even the largest, and may be considered dead. Even Meizu is dying in its home country, accounting for less than 1% of smartphone sales (despite this, they are still able to manufacture top-tier flagships and sell them at a ridiculously expensive price). Meizu and Sony are what we call underrated companies. Having their highest highs in early 2010 and has since gradually declined.

Source: Android Authority