Cherry launches new home appliances and AIoT products!

These include the E-Pump, Antibacterial UV Spray Gun and even a robot vacuum!

Cherry is no longer just a smartphone company, and in recent years they have expanded to AIoT and ecosystem products as well.

Recently, the company has released three new products: The Cherry E-Pump, an antibacterial UV spray gun and even a robot vacuum cleaner, which is a sophisticated product for a company like Cherry.


The E-Pump is an electronic water pump, meant to store water. If you have large gallons of water, it’s usually very heavy but with the use of this pump, life could not have been more convenient. All you have to do is attach the pump onto a bottle and then at a push of a button, water will flow out of it and onto another container. Sounds easy right?

The pump is rechargeable, having a 1200mAh battery capacity, which means it can last for weeks. If it’s not in use, it will automatically shut itself off after a minute to help save power. You can purchase the pump in the Cherry Home store in Lazada as well as in Shopee. The pump costs Php799 to purchase

UV Spray Gun:

Cherry has been constantly releasing self-care and hygiene products lately thanks to the pandemic. Most of these products are promoted as “anti-bacterial”, “Ultraviolet” or anything that has something to do with getting fresh air. The UV Spray Gun is one classic example.

To use it, you need to attach a bottle underneath the gun and then pull the trigger. According to Cherry, this gun can kill up to 99.99% of viruses and bacteria. As the name suggests, it uses ultraviolet rays for sterilization and can also function as a humidifier and is not harmful for plants, so you can use it to water them.

The Spray Gun also costs Php799 and is available for purchase in Cherry Home, in Shopee and in Lazada

Movasweep Robot Vacuum:

We find it quite amusing that Cherry would launch something as sophisticated as a robot vacuum, at least on their level. Here we are…

Cherry’s robotic vacuum has four cleaning modes and can be controlled via Cherry’s ecosystem app “Cherry Home”. It has 2600 Pa of suction power so it should easily get rid of any form of small dirt and dust. It has sensors that help it avoid colliding onto different objects, as well as an anti-tangle feature to help keep its wires straight. Even with all that power, the vacuum remains quiet.

The vacuum has a dust bin with a capacity of 800ml as well as a 350ml water tank. As it is an electronic device, expect that you have to charge it. It has a fairly large 2600mAh battery that helps it running for long.

In the entire list, this is the most expensive. The Robot Vacuum is surely advanced, so the price is quite advanced too, costing at Php13,900. It is purchasable in Cherry Home, in Shopee and in Lazada