IDC: Distance Learning caused tablet sales to significantly rise.

The market sales have since doubled in Q2 2021, and Samsung dominates the sector.

The Galaxy Tab S7 on Samsung’s website

Just when you thought tablets are dead. Nope! They have bounced back in the Android world and is selling really well lately, so much that manufacturers are coming back to produce them. This is more likely a side effect of the pandemic where everyone stayed at home to study and work, and tablets make a perfect compromise between a computer and a phone.

According to the IDC, tablet sales in the Philippines have doubled this Q2 2021, and Samsung has the largest annual growth of 378.1%. From the second quarter of 2020, tablet sales have gone up highly from 19% all the way to 45% which is astonishingly large. Followed by this is Lenovo, a company that also regularly releases tablets (so much more than their phones) then you have local ODM Cherry Mobile, who has been distributing budget tablets to baranggays and LGUs for public school use. Huawei and Haier also made it to the top 5.

According to IDC, the reason for the sudden demand for tablets is distance learning and the need of electronic devices for LGUs to distribute to schools.

“Tablet shipments continued to be driven by the education sector due to large tenders from several Local Government Units (LGUs) to provide tablets for public school students in preparation for the school year. Face-to-face schooling remained suspended, compelling some schools to shift to online learning,” said Angela Jenny Mendez, Client Devices Market Analyst at IDC Philippines. “The surge in shipments during the second half of 2020 as shown in the chart is due to the huge tenders from the bigger LGUs when the 2020-2021 school year began in September of last year”, she added.

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