Charge through the air! Motorola reveals its concept air charger

This time, it’s a real working device instead of just a concept unlike the Mi Air Charge

Motorola has made a concept video showing off its new air charging technology. Remember a few months back when Xiaomi made this idea concept? Where you can charge anywhere and everywhere so as long the charging device is within reach of the phone? Motorola took that idea and made it real.

They call this technology the “Motorola One Hyper” bringing wireless charging to a more ideal state. The current state of wireless charging is that you have to buy a wireless charging pad and then make a wireless-charging-compatible phone sit through that pad, but with Motorola’s new charger, you can now do it from anywhere from up to 2m away without physical contact.

The company then made a demo video shown above, from here, they tested what the modem-like charger can do. For one, it can charge four phones at a time, another is that it has a wide coverage and you can even charge the phone while you’re holding it.

According to Motorola, the air charger works even if it’s blocked by paper and leather or a similar object. Though there’s no confirmation about the Wattage rate but according to Digital Chat Station, the charger has 5W of power. The charging automatically stops when a human presence is found, through a “biological monitoring technology”

So far, there’s no release date for this particular device and there may be more testing needed to be done.