DOH cancels the Php700K laptop orders

Like we mentioned before, even gaming PCs are cheaper and much more functional

The DOH previously published an audit about their recent purchases. In this audit, they have bought a laptop worth 175K each with quite the underwhelming specs that it makes the MacBooks look like cheap mainstream laptops by comparison. Because of this, they were under fire by many mainstream media and has therefore decided to cancel the ridiculous purchase.

The intention of the 700K worth of laptops is to upgrade the computer system of DOH as well as to use for developers. But seriously, why would a 2-in-1 laptop with Intel Core i5 and DDR3 ram cost so much?

Dr. Eric Tayag, head of DOH’s Knowledge Management and Information Technology Service has responded on the matter

“Kinancel na po namin yan sapagkat naghahanap kami ng funds para sa kailangan po ng aming [Centers for Health Development] particularly diyan sa Baguio General Hospital Medical Center kasi kailangan po nila ng IT support,” 

TL: We cancelled the procurement because we’re searching for funds needed for the Centers for Health Development, in particular, in the Baguio General Hospital Medical Center because they need IT support

“Pero bago po namin kinansela yan, ‘yan pong mga laptop pong yan ay gagamitin sana ng aming mga developers. Hindi naman po puwede Mr. Chair na ordinaryong laptop,” he added.

TL: Before we cancelled it, those laptops are intended for our developers. We can’t just use ordinary laptops.

In the audit, DOH did not state the brand of the laptops they’ve purchased. According to Tayag, they cannot state the name of the brand in question in accordance to the audit. And might as well not be since the transaction did not push through

Senator Miguel Zubiri stated that knowing the brand and model of the laptops are important. He even flexed his 96K Acer Predator laptop in comparing to the crappy 2-in-1 laptops DOH has purchased.

On August 25th, DOH is expected to reconvene to further resolve the findings audited by the Commission on Audit (COA), especially after they flagged them for misusing the Php67 billion funds.

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Source: ABS-CBN, CNN, YugaTech