Redmi 10 is coming soon! 90Hz refresh rate, 50mp cameras teased!

Please remember that this is a BUDGET PHONE, that’s insane!

The Redmi 10 is a budget phone that is soon to be released. It is the successor to the Redmi 9 series. On Twitter, Xiaomi has teased multiple features the phone will have, which is really interesting for a phone on the budget range.

The design is familiar, it looks similar to the Redmi Note 10 Ultra or the Poco X3 GT released by the company a few weeks back. Just like that, the Redmi 10 has amazing specs. Think of the Redmi 10 as the “Poco X3 GT Lite” of some sorts.

Two of the most prominent features Xiaomi has teased for this is the 50mp camera and 90Hz refresh rate with AdaptiveSync. For those unaware, AdaptiveSync is a refresh rate tech that adjusts the refresh rate automatically depending on the activity the user is doing on the phone. So if a game supports it, it will go 90Hz and if the user is watching, it might go either 75Hz or 60Hz.

The most interesting part here is the 50mp camera which is normally seen on flagships. However, this camera will not use the same sensor the Huawei P50 or the Honor Magic 3 series would use. That is just highly unlikely. Instead, this will use a midrange sensor with 50mp resolution, and the other cameras would, you guessed it, just be auxiliaries. These may include any of the following: an ultrawide camera, a depth sensor, and/or a monochrome sensor . Telephoto sensor is unlikely for a phone on a budget.

Xiaomi did not state the SoC it will use but we are guessing it will use the newer Helio G88 processor, a buffed version of the G85. In the images, you can see the 3.5mm jack and the side-mounted fingerprint scanner that also functions as a power button. There’s also what appears to be stereo speakers and an IR Port that turns your phone into a remote control.

We’ll wait when Xiaomi officially releases it. Stay tuned on our Facebook page as we release a spec sheet with price.

Source: Xiaomi Twitter