The Fangwolf Family Episode 2: Getting the Gang Back Together


Setting: Maple Corner, Evergreen, and Evergreen Community School

Time: Early Morning, 6:30 am


  • Alex Fangwolf
  • Elise Fangwolf
  • Ashley Newell- 11 year old squirrel, Elise’s shy and nerdy best friend. She wears glasses and her school uniform. On a normal occasion, she wears a pink sweater and a white undershirt, matching pink skirt with cream boots, along with a purple bow as her accessory
  • Nicole Rottweiler- 11 year old Rottweiler, one of Elise’s friends, and one of her classmates in fourth grade. She is an energetic bookworm and has read multiple classic stories including Shakespeare. She normally wears a spaghetti-strap dark blue dress with white polka dots, with matching shorts to complement. She normally doesn’t wear footwear because her feet is very resistant to heat and germs
  • Liam Trevor Ventura – 10 year old calico and one of Elise’s friends. He is popular throughout the school because of his numerous achievements, including basketball, badminton and table tennis. He wears his uniform to school, topped with his blue varsity jacket. On a normal occasion, he wears a red jersey with the number 16 on it (16 refers to his day of birth) and running shoes
  • Emmanuel Morrison- an 11 year old golden retriever who is one of Alex’ friends and (former) classmates. Although lazy, he is often one of the earliest to arrive at school to play with his Niellen Switch while waiting for class to start

*The episode starts with Alex and Elise walking on their way to school*

Elise: I can’t wait to see my friends again! Check out what I prepared.

Alex: I’d rather stay home to be honest

Elise: Eh? That’s not fun! I can assure you, this year will be a great year! Making new friends, learning new lessons and hanging out with them. I think that’s what the perfect life is.

Elise: Ah here, anyway, here’s what I prepared. *grabbing something from her bag while speaking and walking* since it’s the first day of school, I’m sure they will be lighter on the students

Elise: I brought my favourite game! UNA Cards! *reveals the deck of cards to Alex excitedly*. Before I slept, I asked my friends to meet me at the canteen and we’ll play there. When I revealed this to them, they were very excited.

Alex: Are you sure this is safe? What if you were caught? They will confiscate that for sure.

Elise: Come on now Alex, as if you don’t know me. I have that planned carefully too. You see my friend Liam has fast hands due to his amazing sporty abilities. He can sense if a teacher or principal gets close from 5 kilometres away. You should see him play sometime

*the two walk and, by sheer convenience, sees Liam*

Alex: Isn’t that him? *points to Liam*

Elise: Yeah that’s him! Hey Liam! Yoohoo!

Liam: *hears Elise’s call, runs to the two siblings* *gasps* Elise! Nice to see you here! Who’s your friend?

Alex: *annoyed* What? Friend?

Elise: Oh, he’s my twin brother Alex. Surprise you don’t know him, CONSIDERING WE WALK TOGETHER TO SCHOOL EVERYDAY.

Liam: Nahh I was just messing with ya hahah. Gotcha didn’t I? Nice to meet you again Alex. I was wondering, why weren’t you attending at any of my games?

Alex: I was too busy you know, about… stuff

Liam: Standard shut-in excuse… As always Alex.


*Liam and Elise chuckled*

Liam: Right sure. I believe ya. Say what are you two doing this fine morning?

Elise: Well, it’s the first day of school! I suppose you are also preparing. I can’t wait to meet all of my friends from last year, and meet new ones along the way!

Elise: *checks watch* Oh no! It’s 6:30, we’re going to be late for class. Nice meeting ya Liam but we gotta go.
We’ll talk later

Liam: WAIT, I’ll come with you. It’s actually why I went out now. I am also preparing to go to school, then we saw each other by convenience.

Alex: What are you two hurrying about? Class doesn’t start ‘til 8.

Elise: But it’s a few miles away, and we still need to catch our service. Now come on let’s move, we might miss it!

*The three ran as fast as they could, the bus will arrive approximately around 6:45am, and it is also its second to last stop*

Alex: *panting* Where are we supposed to meet our service?

Elise: Near Nicole’s house. No time to talk. Just run run run!

Liam: Well looks like Alex is sweating hard. Lucky for me I was made for this *runs with a determined face* I’ll see you near Nicole’s, if you can catch me that is

Elise: Oooh Liam’s wanting a race isn’t he? Two could play it that game

Alex: Wait, Elise, I’m not built for running! *continues to pant*

Elise: Too bad, loser has to commute to school. See ya Alex!

Alex: Hey wait! Ughh I hate my super energetic sister sometimes *annoyed*

The village where Elise, Alex and Liam live in are too narrow for the service to enter, so they have to go all the way to the main street, near Nicole’s house, to catch it. Hence the reason they are preparing earlier than expected

Liam: Too slow Elise, too slow. You still made it before the bus arrives.

Elise: You were fast Liam, couldn’t catch up, but still I was just a few meters away when you made it.

Liam: Hehe yea, you were good. Hey, where’s your brother?

*camera pans to Alex, clearly tired and panting*

Alex: Wait, *panting* I’m here. I hate you two, you couldn’t wait for me

Liam: You need exercise dude

Elise: That’s alright. Important thing is we made it before the bus arrives. Here have a drink *gives Alex water*

Alex: Thank you Elise *drinks the water*

Bus arrives.

Elise: Hey, where’s Nicole? She’s gonna be late if she doesn’t catch up.

Nicole: *hurrying* Wait! I’m here! Phew, I made it just in time.

Elise: Nicole, you made it. Come on, we’ll talk more as we go

The four gets inside the bus, finds seats, then the bus moves to its final stop, near Walnut Village.

Elise and Nicole sat next to each other, and Alex and Liam on the other

Nicole: I hope we are classmates again, just like last year.

Elise: Yeah I hope so too, eek I can’t wait *giggles with excitement*. What did you do during the summer break?

Nicole: I read this new novel I bought just a few weeks after summer break. It’s called “The Magical Adventures of Witch Sylvia”

Elise: Ooh what’s it about?

Nicole: It’s about a young witch who enrolled a magic academy so she can become her idol, whom she didn’t know was also her teacher!

Nicole: I actually brought the book with me. I’m currently on Volume 3. But I brought also the first volume since I know you’ll be interested in it too.

Elise: Are you kidding me? Of course I’d love to read it. The story sounds interesting, it’s like that one anime show I watched during our summer break

Nicole: Haha we have been best friends since third grade. I know you as much as you know me *hands Volume 1*

Elise: Thank you Nicole! Say, can I borrow it? I might also read this at home.

Nicole: No problem. Message me if you’re about to return it. And if you want to read the second volume, you can visit me. Just let me know first.

Elise: Okay Nicole I will!

*The bus arrives at the last bus stop to pick up the final student, Ashley Newell*

Liam: Hey isn’t this Walnut Village?

Nicole: Yep, sure does look like it. Ashley should be here in a few minutes

Elise: There she is!

Ashley boards and sits next to Nicole, she only talks to her closest friends and is shy to those she is a stranger with

Ashley: *quietly sits next Nicole*

Ashley: H-hey guys, nice to see you again

Elise: Hey Ashley

Nicole: Hallo Ashley

Alex: Is she alright?

Elise: Yeah, she’s fine. She’s just shy.

Ashley: I hope we’re classmates again this year, Elise. You were the only one I relied on

Elise: I’m sure you’ll do great this year. Even if we’re not classmates, I’ll still be your friend.

Nicole: Me too Ashley. By the way, I’m Nicole. I’m one of Elise’s friends. The two boys on your left are Liam and her brother, Alex.

Alex: Hey Ashley *waves*

Liam: How’s it hanging? *waves*

Ashley: Wow, you sure do have a lot of friends. I wish I had too. One of my only friends is moving this year, and I don’t even know if Emmanuel is enrolling this year. He hasn’t talked to me in a while. I’m kinda nervous

Alex: Wait… Did you say Emmanuel?

Ashley: Yes. Emmanuel. Do you know him? Emmanuel Morrison?

Alex: Know him? Why of course I know him! He’s my best friend and was also my classmates last year. I didn’t know you two are friends.

Ashley: We only talked in secret, or through our phones where no one can disturb us.

Nicole: Wait, are you two… in a relationship?? *shocked*

Ashley: NO WE AREN’T. We are just friends. We met in last year’s science club.

Alex: I found it weird he was in a science club of all clubs. I saw him more of a person who plays games all day instead of someone who actually studies

Liam: Really Alex? Really? Are you two even best friends?

Alex: Look, Ashley. I’ll talk to him, maybe there’s a reason why he hasn’t talked to you in a while

Ashley: Oh please do. Thank you. Before summer ended, he has suddenly stopped. I have no idea why, but it left me kinda lonely

Elise: *headpats Ashley* Cheer up Ashley, I’m still here. You can always talk to me. I’m always free. After all, aren’t we best friends too?

Liam: Yeah, you can always come to us if you need any help.

Ashley: Thank you guys, you really are supportive. Because of my nerdy looks, I always have fears of people poking fun of me.

Elise: If you ever need someone to rely on, there’s me, Alex, Nicole and Liam. Your smarts is one of the reasons I like you, we get along together. I’m like the bulb that brightens your day.

Nicole: Also, you can visit my place if you want to hang out or read. I have an underground library which you might find interesting.

Ashley: Library? I always wanted to visit a library but can’t due to strict parents.

Nicole: No worries! I’ll let your parents know that we know each other, right Elise?

Elise: That’s right!

The service has made it to school, approximately 45 minutes before classes start.

Elise: Hey, it’s just 7:15! We are early! The gang’s back together!

Everyone: *cheers*

Alex: Alright, let’s look at the bulletin board so we know which class is which.

The four looked at their sections to see which classroom they belong to. They are all fifth grade students

Alex: Wow, would you look at that, me and Emmanuel are classmates again. That’s cool!

Nicole: Oh, I guess me and Ashley are classmates now. Ashley, you’re gonna have fun with me and my friends!

Ashley: Really? I’m kind of a quiet person

Nicole: Sure you’ll be *smiles*

Elise: Hey Liam, look who has the same class as me!

Liam: Let me guess… With you?

Elise: Ding Ding Ding! I didn’t know you’re also a genius, Liam *laughs*

Liam: Now we can go together at any sporting event I would participate in!

Elise: That’s right! Oh we better get going, we don’t wanna be late on our first day!

Everyone: Right

Nicole: Okay everyone, see you all after class!

Everyone waved and went to their respective classrooms