POCO is the fastest growing brand in India! Indicating a 300% Year-on-Year growth.

Xiaomi and Poco have been growing in a very RAPID pace, both in local and international markets, thanks to their machine gunning of phones.

Poco is the fastest-growing smartphone maker in India, with an estimated 300% Year-on-Year growth on the first quarter alone. That number is more than impressive, and is absolutely more than what contemporary manufacturers grow per quarter.

This record came from the IDC Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Track that was released in May 2021. In addition for the extremely large and fast growth, the report said that the company has an “immensely” positive reception for POCO’s product portfolio. They also have said that its stellar specs-to-price ratio offerings is also one of the main reasons for its growth. POCO was ranked third in the online market in India in November 2020, overtaking Realme and OnePlus.

In addition to their ranking, the company had another milestone: The Poco X2 was the best selling smartphone on Indian e-commerce platform Flipkart. The Poco X2 in India has been priced around INR 15,000-20,000 (~Php 10K-13.5K). its successor, the Poco X3 also had a similar milestone, being the best seller in the sub INR20K category. The Poco X3 has sold out around 500,000 units within 45 days after its launch. The company also launched the Poco X3 Pro for users who opted for more performance.

In related news, Xiaomi has overtaken Apple to become the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the world in terms of smartphone shares. They have an 83% quarterly growth, which is immensely larger than Apple’s 1% growth per quarter and Samsung’s 15%.

Source: GizmoChina