Android 12 Beta 3 has finally arrived!

The third beta has arrived with new features including scrolling screenshots and face-based auto rotate!

Material You Design, the design language of Android 12

Google has pushed out Android 12 Beta 3 to participating devices and manufacturers. The highlight of this third beta is the inclusion of scrolling screenshots. About time Google implemented it, too.

Most Android users have to get a phone with a skin to get this feature, but with Android 12, stock Android users will also enjoy the scrolling screenshots feature without the need of an Android skin. Devices qualified for the previous beta, Beta 2.1, should be notified about Beta 3.

To initiate a scrolling screenshot, users would have to hold the power button and volume button at the same time (just like regular screenshots), after screen capping the photo you wanted, the photo that you will be saved is highlighted, but you also have the option to capture more by pressing the appropriate button.

Users who installed a third party app, as well as phones using Android Skins would be very familiar with this feature. Moving forward, this will also be available for stock and vanilla Android.

Other new features seen in the beta include on-device search. Google calls this feature “AppSearch” This feature is basically a search engine for your phone, allowing you to search for your files on your phone. Certain apps would need permission for them to use this feature however.

Google also introduced privacy indicators for developers back in Beta 2.1. During the third beta, Google has added more information for developers to use in the privacy indicators to further customise permissions and their apps accordingly.

Finally, the third beta also introduces the face-based auto-rotate. When enabled, the phone will rotate according to the orientation of your face. That means, when you’re lying down, the phone will automatically rotate horizontally for you.

Source: Android Authority