Axie Infinity locks the Philippines Channel indefinitely on its Discord

Peenoise strikes again!

Axie Infinity mods have blocked the Philippines Channel on their discord. In case you don’t know what Axie Infinity is, it’s an NFT-based game where you collect monsters known as “Axies”. The game was developed in Vietnam with the main goal of trading virtual Axies for you to earn money. We’re still skeptical of the concept, since it is NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) based.

According to speculation, Filipinos are being toxic towards their peers and kept spamming non-stop on Discord, causing mods to have no choice but to lock the Philippines Channel indefinitely.

There were various screenshots of Filipino Discord users being harsh to international gamers, in particular, to Indonesians. Filipinos have basically done what Filipinos do best. Disrespect everyone thanks to their large ego.

Axie Infinity is still to respond regarding the fiasco. But remember no matter where you are, respect is a requirement whether online or in-person. It affects the viewpoint of you, as well as the country you live in.

Source: GizGuide