Mediatek launches two new SoCs for midrangers: Helio G88 and G96

Mediatek is the world’s largest chipset maker, with over 35% market share since the last three quarters. Arguably, their most popular chipset is the Helio G series, which is why they released two new updates

Mediatek Helio G88

The Mediatek Helio G88 is the uptiered and upgraded version of the popular Helio G85. Its main highlights include a 90Hz screen support as well as FHD+ resolution support. It’s not a 5G chipset though. This chipset also supports up to 64mp camera resolution natively, without the need of pixel binning. It also boasts Global 4G LTE bands, low power consumption and power saving features in games. In addition to these, it also has its own AI Engine called “Mediatek HyperEngine 2.0”

The chipset uses an octa-core CPU featuring two Cortex A-75 performance CPUs that can be clocked up to 2GHz and supports up to LPDDR4X RAM.

Mediatek Helio G96

The Mediatek Helio G96 is like a “Mediatek Helio G95.1” as it is essentially just a slight tweak of the Helio G95. This chipset boasts up to 108mp native camera resolution support as well as support for up to 120Hz FHD+ resolution on both IPS LCDs and AMOLEDs. This chipset also promises enhanced night time photos and premium noise reduction.

Like the Helio G88, this is also not a 5G chipset but provides global 4G LTE bands as well as VoLTE support. It uses its own AI engine called Mediatek HyperEngine 2.0 that optimises performance based on the app you’re using, while also saving power.

The chipset supports UFS 2.2 storage and LPDDR4x RAM. It uses an octa-core CPU powered by two Cortex-A76 CPUs that can be clocked up to 2.05GHz

Both chipsets would likely be unveiled in the coming months. Mediatek is yet to announce which phones will have these chipsets, as well as a spec sheet.

Source: NDTV