Nokia teases a rugged phone. To arrive this 27th July

Nokia teased on Twitter about a new device coming up. According to the teaser, Nokia users would “no longer need a case”, indicating that the phone would be rugged. The device looks similar to the X10 or X20 the company has released a few months prior, and as seen on the photo above, this rugged phone will have Zeiss optics and a quad camera setup.

Not much is revealed though, although we can clearly see a USB-C port at the bottom as well as 3.5mm audio port. Though, this could be the rumoured XR20 seen on Geekbench. In that listing, the phone has a Snapdragon 480 5G chipset and 4GB RAM. This chipset has the same power as the Dimensity 700 or 810u, so it does not make it necessarily weak. This is also the same chipset that the X10 and X20 uses. Because of the codename as well as design, we can say that this phone may be a rugged version of the X20. We’ll keep you updated for more details.