Google Meet now has a one hour limit for FREE USERS.

Google Meet is one of the go-to video conferencing apps especially when COVID hit and everyone had to stay inside their homes. Initially, free users got a limit of 24 hours for video calls. According to 9to5Google, Google decided to get greedy and imposed a 1 hour limit for video conferencing for free users. What a perfect addition to r/assholedesign.

Although, Google did announce that they would have this all-day video calling up to September 30th last year, then again was extended to March 31st, 2021 and then finally extended to 30th June

Google did not give anymore chances and decided that the 30th June date is the final extension. Free users are now capped to a one hour limit for video calls and up to 100 persons. When the call reaches 55 minutes, users will be notified that their call will end. Users can upgrade their Google account to bring back the 24 hour extension, or just end the call prematurely.

One-on-One calls would remain extended to 24 hours to both free and paid/enterprise accounts. But sadly, most classes as well as work meetings last for over an hour, and users who don’t want to upgrade will have to generate another Meet link. If the host/s upgrade(s) their Google account, then the call can be extended to 24 hours. Keep in mind not everyone in the call needs to upgrade, only the host.

The offer applies to the Workspace individual tier that was launched by Google on selected countries (US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Japan). The basic upgrade “Business Starter” bumps the duration of the call to 24 hours, while upgrading to a more premium package “Business Standard” will let you add up to 150 members as well as obtain features like noise cancelation, raise hands, breakout rooms and even the ability to record the meeting; while the most expensive package “Business Plus” adds the features mentioned plus bumps the number of participants to 250 as well as include the ability to record attendance. The prices are $6 (~Php 300) for the Starter package per person per month, $12 (~Php 600) for the Standard package per person per month, and $18 for the Plus package per person per month.

Currently, Google Workspace is not available for the Philippines, which means you won’t be able to upgrade. The new limits apply internationally, so users would have to stick with a one-hour video conference limit.

Source: Google, 9to5Google, Ars Technica