TikTok Tube, I mean, YouTube Shorts is now released in the Philippines!

YouTube Shorts, a short video platform and YouTube’s unoriginal and corporate answer to TikTok has been released for the Philippine Market, now YouTubers can enjoy the cancer of TikTok through the YouTube app.

YouTube Shorts Interface

The platform first launched in the US and had since expanded elsewhere in the world. In YouTube Shorts, videos are no longer than 15 seconds. YouTubers can also make short videos that are within 15 seconds in the regular YouTube app so as long they include #shorts in the title.

There is also a beta release in India. The app had included features including mixing multiple clips together, add music, use speed timers and adjust the speed of your video.

You can read more about YouTube Shorts’ beta program here. YouTube is also planning to expand to iOS and Android in several countries soon