Vivo is also entering the tablet market apparently, and it’s coming this fourth quarter!

With Realme entering the tablet market, it’s about time other BBK brands enter to this market as well. With tablets seeing a continuous rise in demand, it’s more than likely that Android tablets are making a comeback.

The next brand from BBK to enter the tablet market is Vivo and its sub-brand iQoo (we’re still waiting for OnePlus’ tablets). They have been reported to be producing a tablet last year after they’ve registered the trademarks Vivo Pad, iQoo Pad, iQoo Book and NEX Pad. The NEX Pad indicating there may be a flagship-level tablet from the company.

Vivo had registered the trademark “Vivo Pad” in Europe just recently. The name also appeared in the EU IPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) database. In Weibo, there seems to be a blueprint that shows on how the tablet should look like, shown above.

According to the leaked blueprint, the tablet is likely to come with a full-screen nearly bezelless display in lieu to other high-end tablets such as the iPad Pro or Lenovo XiaoXin Tab. While the front-facing camera is not seen in the blueprint, the actual unit should have a front facing camera. The question here is where it is placed once the actual tab has been revealed this Q4.

And speaking of cameras, at the rear is a camera design familiar to midrange Vivo handsets. However, there’s only two and the third camera has been replaced for a flash instead. On the sides, comes the volume rocker, power buttons and possibly a side-mounted fingerprint sensor.

Oppo has been reported to also produce and manufacture a tablet of their own and they are even seeking for suppliers, so this leaves us to only OnePlus not having their own iteration of an Android tablet.

Source: GizmoChina