China seeks to develop 6G by 2030

5G has just been developed, and businesses and organizations are still trying to improve the tech, but it seems like the People’s Republic of China is eager to go to its next step of technological progress: development of 6G.

A Chinese government-backed technology company has been issued a white paper for the development of 6G. In this white paper, there are some details and advantages revealed that 6G will have.

According to the White Paper, 6G can offer speeds 10x faster than that of 5G. According to the GlobalTimes, the paper even included a blueprint of the design and research plans for said tech. One of the most notable aspects of this research and development plan is that 6G should launch by 2030. That is not to say, western countries won’t retaliate or respond to this.

With these plans revealed, this could be a major turning point between the technological cold war between the US and China. With the US trying to top the former. In relation, Samsung had announced its 6G plans July last year, which also includes a white paper R&D. According to Samsung, the earliest 6G could launch is around 2028, but it’s also possible to launch their iteration by 2030 because 6G “takes 10 years from the start of research to commercialization of a new generation of communications technology” according to Sunghyun Choi, Head of the Advanced Communications Research Center.

The Chinese White Paper also said that 6G would have three major development sections: immersive, intelligent and universal. According to the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT), the white paper also addresses eight business scenarios, 10 potential key technologies needed to develop 6G, as well as views regarding its development.

Source: GizmoChina via GlobalTimes