LG Pay will officially shutdown as LG Mobile closes

LG Pay will officially shutdown as it closes its mobile business. On its website, it posts this message:

“Thank you for being a valued customer of LG Pay! We regret to inform you that LG Pay will be phasing out and discontinued over the remainder of 2021. More specific details will follow.”

The payment service will officially end on November 2021, and that future transactions starting that date will no longer be accepted. Instead, LG users can do NFC transactions through Google Pay. In addition, LG will also stop the enrolment of new cards, including but not limited to credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, gift cards, etc. LG said that users may still use their existing cards before it shuts down.

LG also recommends users to save any of their gift cards that users won’t use during and after the service shuts down on other payment services such as Google Pay, as they would be gone forever.

Source: LG Pay support, GSMArena