And the free photos are gone… Thanks Google!

Google announced that, starting today, the free photos feature of Google Photos will no longer be available. Goes to show that nothing is free in the world.

So, what happens next?

What happens next is that, photos that are being saved through the cloud starting today will be part of the 15GB limit Google is imposing. So much for their advertising on their Pixel 2 now Google? Prior to this, there was no limit to how much photos you can store, and what’s more, they are of uncompressed original quality. Google has advised its users to delete any unwanted photos and videos if they want to save some of that limited cloud storage. Like Google Drive and GMail notifications, users will be notified if their storage is almost full.

Google One is an app by Google that lets you manage cloud storage, and allow for larger cloud storage, albeit for a monthly or annual subscription fee. There are also alternatives like OneDrive. Although OneDrive has even smaller storage, capped at 5GB and users who wanted more have to pay for the same subscription fee.

There is also Amazon Photos, which provides unlimited photo storage at uncompressed, original quality. Similar to Google Photos before this update. For Apple users, they can opt to Apple Photos, which uses the same strategy and storage option as Microsoft OneDrive, having 5GB free storage and users have to pay more if they wish to have more storage to the cloud.

Source: Financial Express