You’ve seen YouTube Red, now get ready for: Twitter Blue!

Twitter announced a new monthly-based subscription service called Blue. (Yes, we know, how original). This new subscription service like YouTube Red, is integrated within Twitter itself as an in-app purchase.

The subscription service was first heard of from researcher Jane Manchun Wong. Twitter confirmed two days ago through its iOS app listing that this subscription service is an in-app purchase. Though listed, users still can’t subscribe to it, meaning Blue has not launched yet.

There are a few features which Blue has, including an undo tweet, which lets you undo your tweet for a few seconds before expiring. A Reader Mode, which turns tweets into a simplified easy-to-read versions of themselves. The reader mode was made possible thanks to Twitter’s acquisitions of Scroll and Revue. In addition to these two features which we believe should be readily available for free, Twitter will also let users change the colours of their timeline and app icon. A feature that is available in the web version.

Twitter Blue Collections interface

In addition, Twitter will also include a feature called “collections”. It functions similarly to web bookmarks/favourites, but with the ability to create folders to better organize tweets into separate categories.

Oh yeah, even with this paid service, you still can’t edit tweets.

Source: TechCrunch