Realme announces DIZO, a tech lifestyle platform

Realme launches DIZO in India! A sub-brand that focuses on IoT products and lifestyle products.

“This is a momentous occasion as Dizo goes live with its mission to offer innovative and diversified AIoT solutions to its consumers. The newest brand will enable users to experience a smart, efficient, and an interconnected life. Being the first brand in the realme TechLife ecosystem, I am very excited to tell you that DIZO already has great products in the pipeline to offer to the people.” CEO and Vice President of Realme India and Europe Madhav Sheth said.

The brand focuses on being unique and different because “you are different” and offers technology that “breaks away from traditions”

Dizo focuses on four major categories: Smart Entertainment, Smart Home, Smart Care and electronics categories. In many of Realme’s launch events, there’s always one part where it is dedicated to IoT products, like the smart scale and smart light bulb. Possibly, these products would merge into Realme Dizo in the future.

According to India Today, Realme will offer “unwavering” support for Dizo in three ways: Industrial Design, Supply Chain and AIoT experience. The AIoT specifically refers to the software support Dizo will gain, all in part thanks to the Realme Link app, alongside crowdfunded brands like Yeelink.

Dizo will launch first in India in over 310 cities with over 320 service centres. There’s no stated release in other regions globally, nor is there a first product for it. Stay tuned and we will announce updates!

Source: DIZO, India Today