Cignal Connect Satellite Broadband plans revealed! Starts at 6000 php

Cignal has announced its latest satellite broadband plans ahead of its planned 15th May launch!

To reiterate, satellite broadband was established so that areas with little to no signal coverage can also enjoy broadband services similar to areas with good signals. These low-signal areas include places like mountains, provinces and dense forests. Below are the satellite broadband plans:

In contrast to mobile and fiber plans, satellite broadband is far more expensive. However, the technology is still new so time will tell when this type of broadband service becomes more affordable.

Anyway, according to its website (and the rate above), users who are interested will have to pay a one-time installation fee of 6000 php and as well as 36,000 for the broadband kit, whopping a total of 42,000 php for complete installation. After that, users can choose four broadband plans, ranging from 2Mbps (megabits per second) all the way to 10Mbps. All plans have unlimited data and starts at 6,500 php per month.

You can learn about Cignal’s broadband plans through their website