Disney to shut down multiple paid channels in SEA (including the Philippines) and Hong Kong

With the advent of streaming and the death of cable, multiple corporations and broadcasters started shutting down their cable channels, and Disney is one of those broadcasters.

The company has confirmed to shut down 18 of its cable channels, including those from Fox. The move stemmed from a cable-based service to a more direct approach, through a streaming service. This streaming service is called Disney+. Although, currently not available in the Philippines, the fact that Disney is shutting down might hint its availability in the country soon.

“These efforts will help us align our resources more efficiently and effectively to current and future business needs,” The Walt Disney Company said.

Additionally, a spokesperson told Hollywood-based magazine Variety that it will continue to pursue a “strong media and entertainment business in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong,” in particular, it’s direct-to-consumer based strategy, studio entertainment, consumer products, gaming and publishing businesses.

As you may have heard, Disney bought the assets for 21st Century Fox. Which means, multiple pay-for-cable channels in the Philippines are all owned by Disney, including both Disney Channel and Disney Junior, Fox Movies, Fox Life, Fox Channel, FX and Fox Sports, leading to only NatGeo, NatGeo Wild, Star Chinese Movies and Star Chinese Channel to remain being linear to television.

Currently, the two largest cable operators, Sky Cable and Cignal TV, have not commented regarding the matter.

Source: ManilaTimes