Realme leads the top spot in Canalys PH smartphone market quarterly report

We have been waiting for reports from either Canalys or Counterpoint in terms of the Philippine smartphone market, and finally, we have received a report from Canalys.

According to this chart, Realme has a strong lead, having 23% of the overall unit shares among the top 5. Not surprisingly, the top three are all BBK electronics. BBK has been pushy and aggressive in how they sell their smartphones, and have been around since 2013 in the Philippines.

However, lest we not forget that Xiaomi is growing insanely fast, having an annual growth of 280%. Meanwhile, Samsung’s sales have drastically decreased and had an annual loss of 32% and was placed in fourth, despite the company’s surplus of new models such as the Samsung Galaxy S21 series, Samsung Galaxy A02, Samsung Galaxy A12 and Samsung Galaxy A52 4G and 5G.

Although, despite’s Realme’s strong lead in the Asian sector (including India), they still have a long way to go to reach the top 5 in worldwide smartphone sales, in the recent report by Canalys, Realme is nowhere to be seen.

Source: Revu