OnePlus users are reporting overheating issues on the OnePlus 9 Pro

Users are reporting overheating issues on their OnePlus 9 Pro whenever they are attempting to use the camera app.

The camera app constantly warns users that their phone is too hot to take in video or pictures and therefore, refuses to take pictures or videos. However, it seems to happen not only on the camera app alone, some users see this warning when charging the phone or watching videos, and that this notification persists overnight, even when not in use.

The problem may lie within the chipset, or within the faults of the temperature sensors of the phone itself, the underlying cause is unclear. The message appears even when the phone does not seem to be overheating.

However, the problem got worse, the phone gets hotter but does not receive any warning. On the brighter side, there is a larger chance this might be a software issue rather than hardware issue, and OnePlus does not have to issue recalls.

OnePlus is aware of the problem and is releasing a patch “over the next few weeks”. We do hope this is just a software glitch and not a serious problem to an otherwise great flagship phone.

Source: Android Police