Qualcomm: shortage of chipsets are going to ease sooner

Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, a flagship 5G chipset for mobile phones.

Qualcomm, one of the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturing company, said that the chipset shortage crisis would end “sooner”.

According to Reuters, CEO Steve Mollenkopf said that he is “seeing improvement” in efforts to ease chipset shortages that have caused delays in several industries and that older chipsets are easier to respond to.

With nearly everyone staying at home, the demand for home computers, consoles and smartphones have skyrocketed and manufacturers cannot keep up with the sudden rise of this demand, causing a steady rise of prices.

“There’s an ability for the market to respond more quickly to some of the older nodes than the newer nodes, so depending on the product, you may be in a position to get some improvement,” Mollenkopf said, speaking via videolink at the China Development Forum in Beijing on Saturday.

In the same panel, Micron Technology, a fabless semiconductor company said that it aims to increase their supply in-line with the current demand for chipsets.

Source: Reuters