OnePlus has unveiled their first smartwatch, alongside the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro

OnePlus has been expanding beyond smartphones and accessories, this time they wanted to create wearables for users. The first being the OnePlus band unveiled last January.

There had been rumours that OnePlus would make a smartwatch. The recent livestream revealed that the rumours turned out to be true. Pete Lau, CEO of OnePlus said he wanted an elegant design and ‘seamless connectivity’ for their smartwatch that would not replace a user’s phone.

The OnePlus Watch was unveiled alongside the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro, below are the tidbits of information we received from the live stream:

The Smartwatch:

The OnePlus Watch comes with an AMOLED circular display that measures 1.39 inches. It is IP68 dust and water resistant. It is protected by Sapphire Glass, instead of Gorilla Glass, which is nearly scratch-proof unless one uses Mohs picks, in which, this case, the glass would scratch at level 8 with deeper grooves at level 9.

OnePlus chose to use their own proprietary operating system instead of Google Wear, the decision was based on the concerns of great battery life and a reliable and smooth experience

When developing the OnePlus Watch, we tried to understand the pain points for a Smart Watch wearer.

We chose to go to with a smart wear operating system based on RTOS because we believe it provides you a smooth and reliable experience while offering a great battery life, covering some of the biggest concerns we’ve been hearing from people looking to buy a smartwatch

Pete Lau, CEO of OnePlus

It comes with a buttload of sensors, including a Blood-Oxygen sensor, GPS, Gyroscope, Heart Rate, Stress Level Monitor and lots more.

An infographic on what the OnePlus Watch is about

The watch also comes with 110+ workout modes and over 50 types of watchfaces. It also lets you call hands-free and receive notifications. One special feature of this watch is that it is connected to OnePlus TV (if you own one that is). The watch can be used as a remote control for the TV, and also has gesture-based functions.

The Watch has different watchfaces to choose from.

For example, if the watch senses you have a call, then the OnePlus TV would automatically reduce the volume for you, and when you fall asleep without turning the TV off, the OnePlus watch will use its sensors to detect you are sleeping. After 30 minutes, the TV will automatically turn off. This only works if you have a OnePlus TV and you are wearing the OnePlus Watch.

You can also connect your phone or your OnePlus buds to the watch and listen for up to 500 songs.


The OnePlus watch has two colours: Midnight Black and Moonlight Silver. The Watch starts at ‚ā¨159 (~9.2K php) and is expected to be released next month.

OnePlus is also releasing a limited edition made with Cobalt alloy, the price and availability of this limited edition cobalt is yet to be announced.

Source: OnePlus 9 series livestream (has ended)