Android 12, what we know so far?

Android 11, internally named Red Velvet Cake.

Although Android has dropped the retail names for Android versions, the internal names stayed intact. Android 11 is internally named “RVC” or “Red Velvet Cake”. This time there are rumours flying around that, since Android 12 is prefaced as “SC”, the internal name may be “Snow Cone”

Here are other things we know so far about Android 12:

One handed mode, courtesy of XDA Developers
  • One-handed mode may be introduced in this version of Android
  • Better, smarter Storage Management
  • Visual overhaul to the UI, possibly “Material NEXT” design
Early Android 12 mockup design
  • Pair two apps and make it work as one, similar to Samsung’s App Pair feature
  • Improved support for external game controllers
  • Scrolling Screenshot
  • Many more themes to come by default
Concept Art for Android 12; courtesy of XDA Developers
  • Integration of Android Device Controls Feature from the lock screen
  • Gaming Mode that helps manage Games and other apps
  • Quick-share for WiFi Passwords
  • Dual-fingered screen gestures
  • Additional features in the lock screen, such as gradient colour schemes
  • Improved Auto Rotation
  • Reduced Brightness, aside from the auto brightness feature

Android 12’s developer preview is to be released February 17th, and this page may get updated for anything new that happens! Stay tuned for more

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