Xiaomi confirms the release of Mi Mix 4 this year, alongside a tablet.

Last Week, Xiaomi unveiled a “waterfall display” phone, having a screen on all the edges.

Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi, has posted on his Weibo that the company will launch a new Mi Mix smartphone this year. It’s been a year since the launch of the Slider phone Mi Mix 3, and now Xiaomi is back to make the most anticipated phone from the company.

Xiaomi has also unveiled that, alongside the Mi Mix 4, they will also be releasing a new tablet, possibly the Mi Pad 5. No new information, not even the name, has been announced yet.

The Mi Mix 4 is going to be the company’s most expensive handset, not counting the Mi Mix Alpha which was a concept phone. There is not much known what the Mi Mix 4 would look like, but reports speculate it would be a foldable, making the Mi Mix 4 the first foldable phone from Xiaomi.

Another speculation is that the device would come with an optical, in-display camera. This would make Xiaomi the second company to release a mass-produced phone with an in-display camera, the first being ZTE.

Another speculation what the phone might be is that it may come with a waterfall display, which was teased on their Facebook page about a week ago.

SOURCE: Gizmochina.com