Screen, Screen and more Screen! Xiaomi announces a “Waterfall display” phone for the first time since Mi Mix Alpha

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha was the first phone to show this type of display.

Today, 5th February, Xiaomi teased on their Facebook page a new type of display, the “Waterfall” display smartphone. This concept has been first presented on the Mi Mix Alpha, where the entire phone (including the back) is almost all-screen.

Looking at the post above, the display is curved all over its edges at an 88* angle. It looks like one of those fake rendered phones you see on fake “giveaways”, but this time, Xiaomi is making it for real. Hence the hashtag “#Innovationforeveryone”

The post also said that this new phone will be portless. Though this isn’t new, as Vivo has also attempted this concept before.