Intel launched its first GPU in twenty years!

The Intel iRIS XE Family is a casual=level GPU made by Intel with assistance from different manufacturers like ASUS

It has been twenty years since Intel released a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). This time, Intel is making a comeback with the new Intel iRIS XE family of GPUs.

Intel has partnered with several companies, including Asus, to make the GPU possible. It is codenamed DG1 and it is targeted for casual users, including business and education.

The Iris Xe Family of GPU are integrated graphics cards for 11th-gen Intel processors, it is essentially an upgrade to Intel’s “Intel UHD Graphics” integrated GPU. The Iris XE will be included in 11th generation i5 and i7 chipsets.

The GPU features three display outputs: Hardware Video Decode and Encode Acceleration, HDR support, and improved Artificial Intelligence capabilities. The GPU also comes with 80EU as well as 4GB memory.

Intel do have plans for a gaming-tier GPU, including an improved hardware-based accelerated ray tracing. During CES2021, the company said it’s working for a solution to make integrated and discrete graphics work simultaneously which would allow users to maximise the potential the discrete GPU has for gaming. Other tasks like streaming and recording would go for the integrated GPU.

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