Counterpoint: Apple once again takes the lead in Q4.

Apple is on a steady growth, and will continue for the upcoming years, thanks to a demand in 5G.

Shipment Market Share Q4 2020
Shipment Market Share CY 2019 and 2020

Counterpoint released a report for the last Q4 in 2020. The report showed that Apple has a steady growth and has been predicted continue for the next year, despite the pandemic

During the months of October through December, the company shipped nearly 81.9 million units in 2020, opposed to 72.3 million last 2019, that’s 9.6 million more units shipped compared to the previous year.

Last 2020, Apple also has an increased share of 3%. 21% in 2020 and 18% in 2019. In comparison to Samsung, Samsung lost 2% market share in Q4 2020, with only 16% market share opposed to 18% in Q4 2019. In addition, Samsung also shipped fewer units in Q4 2020, with only 62.5 million units opposed to 70.4 in 2019.

According to Senior Research Analyst, Harmeet Singh Wallia, the rise and demand of 5G will continue starting 2021, and the smartphone market will continue to rise because of it. He also said that China accounts for 40% of 5G smartphone shipments in CY2020.

As seen from the chart above, Vivo has overtaken Huawei in the quarter of 2020, placing in 5th. Realme also showed growth, from nearly 8 million units to 14 million in Q4 2020, that’s double than Q4 2019! Also during the entire year of 2020, Realme managed to ship 65% more phones. This also maintained the growth of the company as the fastest ever.

Despite the shortcomings within the quarter and the imposed ban by the US government, Huawei continues to do well throughout the year, placing third in CY2020 with 187.7 total units sold in that year alone.

Sources: Counterpoint, GSMArena