Mi Air Charge, introduced by Xiaomi to leverage wireless charging

Courtesy of: Mi.com, Nice!

Forget about cables, true wireless charging is soon to arrive at our doorstep.

Xiaomi recently announced a wireless charging solution that could charge multiple devices at the same time, called Mi Air Charge. According to Xiaomi, the device use a 5W remote charging so that phones could be charged wirelessly, that is even if you’re walking around, playing games and other activities, your device will charge within the proximity of the Mi Air Charge device.

The device has 144 antennas that transmit millimeter-wide waves directly to the phone through the use of beamforming.

Xiaomi also said that physical objects do not block the waves which it uses to charge phones. It can charge one or multiple devices within “several meters” for 5W each.

Xiaomi also said that, in the future, the wireless charging technology would be further developed so that it would work smartwatches, wearable devices and even speakers, desk lamps and other IoT devices. Xiaomi is opting for a “wire-free” home.

Take note that the technology is not new, in 2017, there was a listing on IndieGoGo which is similar in concept to Xiaomi’s Air Charge. There is also the Wi-Charge which also aims to do the same thing.

SOURCE: Mi.com