TikTok Launches Instagram-Like Platform, Whee

When Facebook does it it’s called inspired. If it’s TikTok, it’s a copy.

Facebook has Threads, which is a copy of Instagram, YouTube has Shorts which is a copy of TikTok. Now, it’s the short-form video platform’s turn to copy someone else. Introducing… Whee, a photo-sharing platform that looks strikingly similar to Instagram, and is most likely meant to be an Instagram copy.

APKMirror and Android Police founder Artem Russokovskii first spotted the app float around. The app is meant for TikTok users to share photos only to their closest friends, as determined by their friend list. So, it’s like the Close Friends feature of Instagram and Instagram Stories. It also available now in Google Play.

As a photo-sharing platform, it comes with the usual features you’ve come to expect. These include a rangefinder (or a “camera app”), ability to like and comment, sharing options, and of course, filters. Though it seems like there is no way yet to share the pictures on TikTok. This time, hopefully it has a way to download the photos, unlike Instagram. As time passes, its own version of Reels will be implemented too.

The app is currently under testing and is only available in a “dozen countries”, also, as per The Verge, the app is not available yet for iPhone users, an odd choice considering many other social media platforms start with iOS first then Android. The app is available for download in the Philippines so if you live around here, go check it out!

Source: Inquirer, Google Play, The Verge