Now This Is PRO: Vivo V30 Pro Review! [PART 4]

The last of the quartets

Our reviews consist of four parts. And since this part 4, this will be the last of a quadrilogy! This is the part where we discuss the other parts of the review unit. In the case of smartphones, this is where we discuss the sound, biometrics, and at times, signal quality. The Pros and Cons are also found here as well as our verdict!

Only a Single Speaker…

The Vivo V30 Pro only has a single speaker, a pretty head-scratching move considering almost every phone at this range has stereo speakers. A representative actually discussed to us why this is. He said that the phone is less prioritizing about speakers and that, according to their research, their customer base is looking for a phone with great cameras and are okay with just a single speaker. Well… whatever the real reason may be, that speaker will probably not produce the same loud and immersive sound as our Nord 3, which costs PHP 5K less.

And turns out we are partially right. To compensate for the phone’s lack of stereo speakers, Vivo added the gimmicky “Audio Booster” mode which allows you to turn up the volume by 150%. This is a feature commonly seen on budget phones where stereo speakers are the minority. Unfortunately, unlike other similar “extra volume” modes we’ve tested. 150% and 100% did not feel that different.

As for the speaker quality. It is loud and clear. Although because of our expectation of stereo speakers, the phone felt lacking. There is something that feels missing. It’s like Chicken Adobo without the garlic. It tastes nice but you feel like there is a missing ingredient.

Headphones Are Where the Party Truly Starts!

While the speaker may be lacking, Vivo did it compensate by improving the sound when you put on headphones. According to the music app, the brand has partnered with several sound companies and top acoustic teams to bring in immersive sound while wearing headphones. DeepField takes care of the AI-enhanced sound algorithms although you can do it manually thanks to the built-in equalizer and customized sound effects. You do need a dongle because, as you can see from the speaker image, the phone lacks a headphone jack.

There are three featured sound effects. These are panoramic sound which is intended to mimic spatial sound, mega bass that improves basslines, and clear voice which highlights… well, the vocals. There are other sound effects based on the room ambience, such as concert halls, bedrooms, and even bathrooms. Now you can hear in someone else’s perspective what it sounds like while singing that song during a bath!

Although the sound quality depends on your earphones, we can at least give a general idea of what the sound quality feels like. Under panoramic mode, vocal echoes are highlighted while the music is taken slightly a step back. In Mega Bass, the phone gives the music a massive bass boost without overwhelming all other parts of the song. Clear voice highlights vocals while the music is highly limited. This is also the loudest mode and feels similar to what car speakers play. There are other environmental sound effects. The bathroom and concert hall modes for example, give this echoey effect as if it really feels like someone is singing in these empty rooms. If we were to choose, we’d say go for the mega bass mode. It is quite a harmonious balance between a good bass and good highs and lows.


Just like our OnePlus Nord 3, the Vivo V30 Pro provides several customization options after registering your fingerprint. There’s also even a feature to customize the animation for face unlock! It these neat and nice little details that make a phone feel more personal.

The fingerprint is embedded inside the screen. Fun fact! It was Vivo who invented the in-display fingerprint sensor that all brands use now. In terms of performance for the Vivo V30 Pro, the fingerprint sensor is highly accurate, though, it is not the quickest. It waits usually for the animation to finish which can usually take a second to do, before unlocking.

Face unlock is a different story. It is accurate yes, but not highly reliable. There are many times that the phone asks us to unlock via the PIN we setup or through the fingerprint sensor. While scanning however, it did find our face almost instantly, so we’re not sure why the phone is a little hesitant to use it. When it does work, it works almost instantaneously.


Wow, we’ve come at a long journey. One month with the Vivo V30 Pro and we got to say, this has been a satisfying experience. We’re going to be honest here. When we saw the price for the first time, we thought it was needlessly pricey. Now that we do have it, we understand why PHP 34,999 (12/512) was the chosen price for the Pro. It is definitely more expensive than the V29 Pro with the same configuration. That phone was initially priced at PHP 26,999. However, it is a huge upgrade from that. This includes the new design language, a brighter Aura light, and most importantly, the ZEISS partnership. If you can’t release that 35K so easily, we’d say stick to the V29 Pro.

When you look at it at a different perspective, you can tell that the phone is actually affordable and worth it. If we were looking for an affordable camera that can also do calls and play our favourite games, we’d go for this too. It’s a phone with little compromises. Although we wish the video quality was better and that the brand opted for stereo speakers. Be careful when you hold it. It is fragile, so slap a case on it immediately. We only used it without one to see how fragile it is and how careful we need to be.


  • Top-tier cameras both at the front and rear with consistent color reproduction and dynamic range
  • Smooth and snappy performance even when playing the most demanding games
  • LARGE storage to store all those photos and videos
  • Smudge-resistant back
  • Solid build quality
  • Great sound quality while using earphones
  • ZEISS Lenses in the midrange. Yes this is definitely a good thing
  • Various camera modes for both rear and front, including cinematic portrait and cinematic video.
  • Aura Light has noticeable improvements, notably the brightness and automatic temperature control


  • Slippery. A case is mandatory if you don’t want a guaranteed screen cracking and green lines
  • The single speaker is good, but feels lacking due to lack of stereo
  • Video and Stabilization could be better
  • Aura Light, while better now, can still feel inconsistent at times


The Vivo V30 Pro is available online via Vivo’s online platforms such as Lazada and Shopee, and offline such as Vivo’s concept stores nationwide. Moreover, you can purchase one at any authorized third-party stores nationwide. The phone is available for purchase via Home Credit with 0% interest and flexible payment options, as well as cash. Moreover, if you intend to get this one online, you can take advantage of the numerous vouchers Lazada and Shopee has to offer including FREE SHIPPING vouchers, 30% discounts, and using your available Shopee/Lazada coins! It’s also the Megasale by the time we wrote this article so if you’re lucky, you can get the phone at a massive discount!

And that concludes our exciting adventure with the professional portrait photographer with ZEISS! Wonder where the next adventure will lead us? Hmm maybe with a girl named Leica?