INNIVATE Celebrates Successful Installation at the Hilton Singapore Orchard and Sets Sights on Global Expansion

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach Newswire – 12 March 2024 – INNIVATE, a leader in the design and manufacture of innovative rain-defense louvre systems, is delighted to announce the successful installation of their state-of-the-art performance louvres at the Hilton Singapore Orchard. In the wake of an extensive $150 million renovation, the hotel, previously the Mandarin Orchard, welcomed guests into a new era on February 24, with the distinction of being the largest Hilton in Asia, featuring 1080 rooms equipped with INNIVATE’s advanced louvre solutions.


Director of INNIVATE, Mr. Paul Paffett, reflected on the significance of the project, stating, “The Hilton Singapore Orchard project represents a key achievement in our longstanding pursuit of excellence. Our ten-year track record of producing high-performance, quality-engineered products has won us international acclaim and a diverse portfolio that spans significant projects, both regionally and globally.”

INNIVATE’s louvres are recognized for their exceptional design, which seamlessly blends aesthetics with functionality, facilitating efficient building ventilation and machinery cooling while ensuring optimal indoor air quality. Their robust construction offers reliable protection against rainwater intrusion, a feature especially beneficial in areas susceptible to heavy rainfall.

“We are committed to advancing the interplay between performance and design in architecture,” Mr. Paffett noted. “Our louvres, crafted from premium recyclable aluminum, are tailored to meet the progressive requirements of contemporary construction.”

Global Aspirations and Strategic Developments

With a solid foundation in Singapore and Thailand, INNIVATE has earned the confidence of a broad clientele, including property developers and government entities. The company’s global presence extends to China, Hong Kong SAR, Vietnam, Myanmar, the Philippines, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Australia, Indonesia, India, and the United States. INNIVATE louvres, tested to the stringent European standard BS EN 13030:2001, are gaining traction for their distinctive features and quality.

Further bolstering its capabilities, INNIVATE has integrated its production processes with its sister company, INNIbuild, ensuring superior control over production timelines and product quality.

Aiming to extend its market reach, INNIVATE is actively exploring opportunities for expansion into Europe and the United States. The company is in pursuit of strategic trading partners to facilitate this venture and to solidify its status as a global frontrunner in the performance louvre industry.

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Specializing in the development and distribution of superior architectural rain-defense performance louvres, INNIVATE is at the forefront of research and development within the industry. The company prides itself on delivering architecturally impressive and practical louvre systems that resolve a wide range of engineering and architectural challenges. Their louvre systems serve a vital role in ensuring building and machinery ventilation and protection against the elements, enhancing the resilience and aesthetic value of modern structures.