From Two to Four Wheels: Angkas to Launch AngCars to Challenge Grab’s Ride-Hailing Dominance!

Grab better start lowering fare prices now.

Angkas is a popular motorcycle-for-rent ride-hailing app in the Philippines. It has massive success online mainly due to how convenient and how low its fare rates are compared to its competitor, Grab, another ride-hailing platform. This year, CEO George Royeca announced in an interview that it will expand its transport services beyond motorcycles. Specifically, addressing the public’s need for ride-sharing services, potentially competing against Grab that’s currently dominating the space.

More competition is great. That means Grab can no longer monopolize the industry and set ridiculously high prices for its services. Angkas is calling their taxi ride-hailing service Angcars, appropriately named, don’t you think?

“Angcars is designed to be an advanced ride-hailing app that seamlessly blends affordability with user-friendly navigation,” Royeca said during the event. The expansion includes comprehensive initiatives to modernize and innovate the company’s services throughout the Philippines.

Just like Grab and Joyride, Angcars will offer four or six-seater vehicle options and includes the more affordable Angcars Economy and the more premium Angcars Plus. Aside from Angcars, the company will also offer other services including Angkas Health and Angkas Padala.

Angkas Health allows users to avail healthcare services while Angkas Padala allows for transactional services, similar to e-wallets like G-Cash but it targets entrepreneurs and OFWs delivering remittance.

Angkas is yet to lay out details of its ride-hailing service plan, including release date and area coverage.

Source: Philstar Life