Realme Has Shipped Over 200 Million Phones Globally! Invests in R&D

That’s when you hit the mainstream.

Two hundred million phones shipped and delivered to a realme user’s door. That’s a stunning achievement! To think they entered at a time where the market is already saturated. They took the risk and that risk is well-calculated and well-paid.

In just two years, the company was able to ship from 100 million phones in 2021 to double the amount in 2023. This makes realme now a truely mainstream company like how Xiaomi, Vivo, and Oppo are. Thanks to their wide array of phones ranging from budget phones all the way to flagships and flagship-killers, the company became the fifth fastest brand to achieve this feat and now joins among the big leagues in the 200 Million Club.

Although their target audience are the youth, there are also older users who enjoy buying their phones, especially the C-series.

In 2023, realme changes it doctrine by delivering game-changing innovations to the table. The company now follows on the “No Leap, No Launch” philosophy in which new technology will be applied for every new product released, including their TechLife AIOT division. This philosophy is driven by realme connecting to its users and by doing this, they grow alongside them and hear what they need in a phone.

Though only the fifth fastest, the company has a very big market share in emerging markets, occupying 88% of that pie compared to its “200 Million Club” peers. Thanks to their rapid growth since their division with Oppo, the company has started investing in R&D and even has developed the realme Global Institute of Leap-forward Technology to oversee innovative developments. There are four key areas that realme is spearheading in development: gaming, display, photography, and charging tech.

As a result of this milestone, realme is committed to investing in more R&D so we, as tech bloggers and content creators, are expecting them to be a leader in the industry. That investment is expected to gain 400% more research personnel by 2024.

The company will continue its original vision but are also looking for new challenges and heights so that they can evolve alongside its users, for whatever the future’s outcome will be.