Your Galaxy Phone can now Be Upgraded to OneUI 6 (if Applicable)

Launched today, boldly alongside the new M3 MacBooks!

Android 14 Stable version is rolling out soon and Samsung’s prepared for that. Today, the company launched OneUI 6 first available on the flagship Galaxy S23 series.

It’s amazing how they were able to launch it before November as OneUI launched at the same month last year. That’s some tight schedule. When you update your Galaxy S23 phone to OneUI 6, it will also be upgraded to Android 14 and the October 1 security patch.

According to the update screen in the settings, OneUI 6 has a “fresh new look and an enhanced home screen”. The update is pretty big, a whopping 3GB in addition to the space that Android 14 requires as well as leftovers from the previous update. OneUI 6, unlike OneUI 5, is a complete visual and feature overhaul with an all-new default font, new icons, a replaceable lock screen, and simpler labels.

It also boasts the new Studio Video Editor which is baked inside the Gallery app. Here, you can make quick edits to your video but it seems like it’s capped at 1080p for now. So you may not be able to edit your QHD/4K videos yet. For sure a software update will remedy that easily.

Aside from the Galaxy S23 series, some devices two years older like the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 20, have been confirmed to receive OneUI 6 as well, as confirmed by Android Authority.

To update, simply head to the Updates setting of your Galaxy phone and check if you have received the OTA update. If not, then please be patient. It should arrive within a few days. The update is also available for Filipino users.

Source: GSMArena, Android Authority