ICYMI: You Can Now Buy a Diet PS5 in the Philippines!

Put your PS5 on a diet as it is consuming way too much coke and Doritos.

Three weeks ago, Sony announced a lightweight version of their router game console, the PS5 Slim. This version of the PS5 is 18% lighter than previous Playstation models.

The regular PS5 Slim (aka “Disc Edition”) weighs only 3.2kg (7.05 lbs) from 4.4kg (9.9 lbs). Meanwhile, the Digital Edition which has no Blu-ray player is massively weighed down from 3.9kg (8.6 lbs) to just 2.6kg (5.73 lbs). The slim consoles have the same exact features as the regular PS5 and the only difference is that these are lighter. That means you can play your PS5 games here and it will work exactly like how it does with the heavier, regular console.

For this to happen, Sony utilized different sorts of plastics for the shell cover. The bottom has a matte finish while the top is glossy.

The single USB-A port found at the console’s front end has been replaced with a more powerful USB-C port. Sony also added a bulge on the side of the removable disc player of the “Disc Edition” variant.

Thankfully, the console is priced exactly as a regular PS5, at PHP 30,790 and is available at your local DataBlitz Center stores. Sony also said that these slimmer models will replace the old one once the inventory of them has ran out.

Source: Playstation