Bring Your Furbabies on an Exciting Journey with GrabPet!

To our little furry friends, the big city is like an entire continent.

After months of disappearance, Grab is finally reintroducing GrabPet so that you can bring your cute partner-for-life on an exciting adventure! Plus, the service can also help you bring your pet to specific pet-themed locations such as veterinary clinics, groomers, pet-friendly cafés, and more with just a tap of a button inside the Grab app!

Specific six-seater vehicles are assigned for GrabPet. These animal-loving drivers are volunteers and may also have pets in their homes. The service is currently only available to select areas of Metro Manila. GrabPet-ready drivers are prepared to bring your hamsters, dogs, cats, turtles, rabbits, and even some types of fish to your destination! Of course, terms and conditions apply.

To enhance and ensure the safety of you and your pet(s), each driver went extensive training and the service also includes insurance.

“As a pet parent myself, I understand how challenging it can be for Filipinos to bring their animal companions to essential services and even leisure trips given the limited transportation options available. As an expression of our dedication to addressing the varying transportation needs of commuters, we have launched GrabPet. It is our firm belief that safe, reliable, and convenient mobility services should be accessible to everyone – even families with winged or four-legged friends,” shares Grab Philippines Chief Operating Officer Ronald Roda.

Roda adds, “We are committed to ensuring that owners and their pets are safely and conveniently transported to their intended destination while also preserving the integrity of the vehicle of our driver-partners. A driver-partner’s vehicle is their means of livelihood, hence by collaborating with us in maintaining high hygiene and safety standards during the GrabPet ride, pet parents help in making sure that our driver-partners can go about their day worry- and hassle-free.”

To ensure the most enjoyable and safest journey, Grab imposed a few rules before using the service.


  • Pets should be accompanied by human passengers.
  • Pet owners should refrain from booking their rides if their pets have parasites or fleas.
  • Pet owners can bring a maximum of two small and medium-sized pets, or one large pet per ride, subject to the conditions of the GrabPet driver.
  • A maximum of four passengers can accompany the pet(s) during the ride
  • Pets must wear diapers and should be inside their carriers.