You Need AT LEAST 80 Working Days to be Able to Afford the iPhone 15 Pro in the Philippines

All for an iPhone!

It’s been a week since the new iPhone 15 series was announced. Its expensive price of PHP 118,990 for the 1TB iPhone 15 Pro Max is quite baffling. Even its most affordable offering, the 128GB iPhone 15, costs PHP 56,990.

A study by Picodi Philippines showed that an average Filipino needs about 79.5 days of working to afford the base iPhone 15 Pro (128GB) which costs PHP 70,990. This price is taken from Apple’s website directly and do not account for whatever freebies one may get.

The country with the least amount of working days to purchase the new iPhone, therefore, the highest standard of living and the most powerful currency, is Switzerland where the average citizen needs to work for only 4.2 days. The country is ahead of the United States at 5.3 days and Australia at 6.3 days.

The Philippines is only behind Türkiye in the number of working days to purchase the base iPhone 15 Pro.

Here is a list of trends from the previous years for the Philippines.

  • 2019- 96.2 days
  • 2020- 88.2 days
  • 2021- 90.2 days
  • 2022-90.9 days
  • 2023- 79.5 days

In comparison with the previous years, the number of days to afford a new iPhone actually got significantly lower. The Philippines tends to average around 92 days just to purchase a new iPhone.

Source: Picodi