Xiaomi will Soon Follow the 4+5 Update Policy of OnePlus and Samsung

This means 4 years of Android upgrades and 5 years of Security Patches, but only on the 13T and 13T Pro, for now (we hope).

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun announces that Xiaomi’s new phones, particularly the Redmi K60 Ultra (or 13T and 13T Pro globally) will receive 4 years of Android upgrades and 5 years of security patches, making Xiaomi’s new phones as sustainable as what Samsung and OnePlus provide, but still a year away from matching Apple and in the future, Google.

As of now, only the Redmi K60 Ultra got this treatment but it will most likely expand to other models too. Xiaomi is not known for releasing OTA updates in a timely manner. Most of the time, they are late when releasing them but at least they got the pages of the book right.

Both the announcement on Weibo and its American counterpart, X, formerly Twitter, are quite vague. As we mentioned, it seems like the Xiaomi 13T and 13T Pro are the only ones getting this treatment. Not even the 13 Ultra, the company’s magnum opus, gets this longevity. That may no longer be the case if the time comes and if Xiaomi is truly committed to its words.

At least, they’re addressing one of their primary weaknesses now.

Source: Xiaomi (in Chinese) via Android Police