Oppo teases the Find N3 Flip and Watch 4 Pro in China! Comes with Hasselblad-enhanced Cameras!

Planning to buy a Galaxy Z Flip5? Wait a bit until this one’s out.

On August 29th, Oppo will be launching the third iteration of their flip phone, the Find N3 Flip. What we find interesting about this device is the circular camera layout with a Hasselblad label and the alert slider. Two features that are more prominent in the global scene with OnePlus. So we might be able to see the Find N3 Flip released globally as a OnePlus device. Take that with a huge pinch of salt because that’s just our guess.

The teased device comes with an attractively gorgeous gold colour. We are not 100% a fan of the camera island design but we do believe this works well with the phone. As you can see here, there is a rectangular secondary display that looks symmetrical, unlike the folder-like shape that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 uses.

The Find N3 Flip will be the first in its segment to have a triple camera setup! The Galaxy Z Flip5 only has two.

We can’t say much about its spec sheet because Oppo has yet to reveal it. A clamshell phone is advertised more as a status symbol rather than a phone. This was shown in the Find N3 Flip’s teaser trailer where Chinese Model and Actress Shu Qi is seen holding the phone and showing its beautiful and attractive design.

Aside from that, the company will also be launching its Galaxy Watch 6 competitor, the Oppo Watch 4 Pro. Based on the picture, the wearable will come with a curved OLED screen and two different colour options, as well as a digital crown.

Source: Weibo (in Chinese) via GSMArena